IMPORTANT Replacement Bulb Notice – GE PAR LAMPS

Dear valued customer we are reaching out to notify you that G.E. has exited the airport light bulb market (without notice to customers) and will no longer be supplying bulbs and PAR LAMPS for important airport lighting applications. 

  • Genesis Lamp manufactures quality direct replacements for these important light bulbs. 

  • We are doing our best to notify end users and supply these PAR LAMPS to our existing and new customers.


  • Please advise us of your PAR LAMP requirements as soon as possible so that we can schedule and meet production needs. 


  • Our production schedule is filling up fast. Don’t delay, contact us today so that we can process all orders. 

(Bulbs and links listed below)
Thank you for being our valued customer.
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GE Product Code
Link to
Genesis Lamp
Replacement Bulb
Product Photo
23310 6.6A/PAR56/5 45 Watts
33279 Q6.6A/PAR56/3 200 W
13224 Q6.6A/PAR64/2P

This PAR Lamp is not currently
Call for more information.
200 W
38271 Q6.6A/PAR56/2 200 W
18309 Q6.6A/PAR56/4 200 W
15937 45PAR38/6.6A 45W
15482 Q20A/PAR56/C 20A
32861 Q20A/PAR56/2 300 W
23863 Q20A/PAR56/3 499 W
15485 Q20A/PAR56/1/C 500
Our large inventory also includes a full line of airport lighting replacement bulbs, parts and fixtures.
Whether you’re looking for a specific model or you just need some help finding the best bulb for your needs, our friendly and knowledgeable employees are always glad to help.
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