IMPORTANT GE Replacement Light Bulb Notice:

GE Replacement Light Bulb Notice:
Important light bulbs used regularly for airport lighting applications will no longer available from GE. 
Genesis Lamp is a manufacturer and supplier of quality direct replacements for these bulbs.
Through Genesis Lamp’s engineering dept. and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to offer direct replacements for these light bulbs. (Bulbs and links listed below)
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Replacement Bulb


Product Photo
GE 23310 light bulb 6.6A/PAR56/5 45 Watts
GE 14473 light bulb Q45T4/CL/DCR 6.6A
GE 40702 light bulb Q200T4/CL 6.6A
GE 38271 light bulb Q6.6A/PAR56/2 200 W
GE 18309 light bulb Q6.6A/PAR56/4 200 W
GE 13224 light bulb Q6.6A/PAR64/2P 200 W
GE 23860 light bulb Q6.6AT4/DCR 200
GE 15482 light bulb Q20A/PAR56/C 20A
GE 32861 light bulb Q20A/PAR56/2 300 W
GE 23863 light bulb Q20A/PAR56/3 499 W
GE 15485 light bulb Q20A/PAR56/1/C 500
GE 10099 light bulb EVV UNIT 6.6
GE 11427 light bulb EWR UNIT 6.6
GE 15243 light bulb EZL UNIT 30.67





Introducing OSRAM ZELION HL LED Grow Light Fixtures

Whether you are a commercial grower or a do-it-yourself horticulturalist, the modularized ZELION HL family LED is ideal for your applications.

OSRAM ZELION HL LED Grow Light Fixtures

New Efficient and dependable LED light fixture for the horticulture industry


  • Independent red and blue On/Off switches
  • OSLON LEDs L70 life rating of > 100,000 hours
  • State-of-the-art optical design for optimum PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)
  • 36″ x 24″ working areas
  • Passive cooling and silent
  • Energy saving LEDs compared to traditional light sources
  • Water resistant
  • 3 year limited warranty

Genesis Lamp provides a full selection of horticulture lights and bulbs

Horticulture Lighting — Grow Lights

We are proud to give you the best selection of grow light bulbs at the best prices.

Genesis Lamp provides a full selection of LED horticulture lights and bulbs, including full spectrum LED grow lightsfluorescent grow bulbs, compact fluorescent (CFL) grow lights, high pressure sodium (HPS) grow light bulbs and metal halide (MH) grow light bulbs. We are proud to give you the best selection of grow light bulbs at the best prices, and our friendly Genesis Lamp staff is always available to help you find exactly the grow lights you need.

Fluorescent Grow Lighting

Horticultural Grow Lights and Bulbs

LED Horticulture Lights — LED Grow Lights — LED Grow Light Bulbs

HPS Grow Lights

Metal Halide Grow Lighting



EiKO LED Direct PL Replacement Lamps

EiKO Cert Green deluxe CMYK blackled1


Genesis Lamp LED Replacement Lamps

EiKO LED Direct PL Replacement Lamps – 2-pin directly replaces 13, 18, 26W quad-tube and 4-pin directly replaces 26, 32, 42W quad- and triple-tube PL fluorescent lamps

  • Available in two ergonomically crafted models: horizontal (with rotatable base) or vertical orientation
  • Plug-and-Play installation for 2-pin magnetic ballast model or 4 pin electronic ballast compatible model
  • Choice of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures • Instant-on with no warmup, unlike compact fluorescent
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Shatter resistant for reduced risk of injury and breakage
  • 4-pin lamps are dimmable when used with dimmable ballasts
  • Contains no lead or mercury; RoHS compliant


  • 850-900 lumens @ 9W
  • Input voltage driven by installed PL electric/magnetic ballast
  • Power factor: ≥0.95 • 80+ CRI • 50,000 hour life
  • Consumes 1/3 the energy and lasts 5x longer than 26 watt compact fluorescent