NEW LED Light bulbs

Bulbrite LED Light Bulbs – BULBRITE is a leading manufacturer and supplier 0f innovative energy efficient light source. Genesis Lamp and Bulbrite have served the lighting industry for 40 years with quality lighting products.

Westinghouse LED Light Bulbs introduces a new line of high performance LED lamps utilizing state-of-art-high power LED technology.

An integrated LED system for optimum lifetime performance. Excellent optics create a uniform beam, delivering lumen output comparable to conventional sources. Free of harmful UV and IR emissions. Available in both warm and cool color temperatures with excellent color quality.


Light Bulbs Manufactured by Genesis Lamp Corp. in the USA

Genesis Lamp Brand Products

Genesis Lamp is a unique american company proudly manufacturing products here in Northeast Ohio. For over 30 years we have proudly made the Genesis Lamp brand of high quality, FAA-compliant lighting. From designing and building to testing and distributing, Genesis Lamp offers a diverse product line that includes:

• Xenon flash and strobe products
• Xenon arc lamps
• Halogen lamps
• Sealed beam PAR reflector lamps
• HID PAR lamps
• Obstruction strobe lights

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Avlite Solar Airport Lighting and Solar Obstruction Lighting Update

Genesis Lamp is a leading supplier of  Avlite Solar Airport Lighting.

Avlite is a technology leader in the design and production of solar-powered aviation lighting equipment; as well as, the manufacturing of Solar Heliport Lighting.

Avlite Systems also provides a full line of Obstruction Lights
Avlite is a solar obstruction technology leader in the design and development of solar-powered aviation lighting equipment.

Trust Genesis Lamp and Avlite for all of your Airport Lighting Needs.

Avlite aviation lighting white papers and case studies

Complete Solar Airfield
Aviation Lighting Solutions

Solar Obstruction Lighting for Wind Turbines
Obstruction Lighting Solutions

Runway closures at commercial airports.
Airport Lighting Systems

G.E. to phase out compact fluorescent light bulbs

yhst-28687261952425_2267_6060832General Electric is going to stop making CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs).
G.E. said on Monday that it would stop making and selling the bulbs in the United States by the end of 2016.

“Now is the right time to transition from CFL to LED,” said John Strainic, chief operating officer of consumer and conventional lighting at GE Lighting. “There are so many choices that a consumer has for one socket in their home that it’s overwhelming. This will help simplify that.”

LEDs were more expensive, with bulbs often running $30, but the technology found fans who said they offered better light quality. Prices dropped steadily, falling well below $5 for a basic bulb last year, in part because of government regulations making it easier for them to qualify for generous discounts.

Link to New York Time Article

Genesis Lamp Continues to stock a variety of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Stock up on CFLs while they are still available. Compact fluorescent light bulbs

TCP CFL Light Bulbs