Avlite Solar Airport Lighting and Solar Obstruction Lighting Update

Genesis Lamp is a leading supplier of  Avlite Solar Airport Lighting.

Avlite is a technology leader in the design and production of solar-powered aviation lighting equipment; as well as, the manufacturing of Solar Heliport Lighting.

Avlite Systems also provides a full line of Obstruction Lights
Avlite is a solar obstruction technology leader in the design and development of solar-powered aviation lighting equipment.

Trust Genesis Lamp and Avlite for all of your Airport Lighting Needs.

Avlite aviation lighting white papers and case studies

Complete Solar Airfield
Aviation Lighting Solutions

Solar Obstruction Lighting for Wind Turbines
Obstruction Lighting Solutions

Runway closures at commercial airports.
Airport Lighting Systems

Airport light bulb availability update

We have been notified that a competitor and their vendor will no longer be supplying lamps that may be important to our customers.

These 5 lamps are listed below along with links to more information and to order the bulbs. These bulbs are available from Genesis Lamp and will continue to be available.

Cross Reference – Crouse-Hinds

#21127 – 32W Lamp

6.6A/32W – MR-16/2FE Light Bulb – GN127

#20590 LAMP/REFL 62W – 6.6a

6.6A / 62 Watt / MR-16 / 2-Pin Base – GN590

#20711 LAMP/REFL 150W
6.6A/150W – MR-16 GN710 Light Bulb

#21169 SPARE LAMP ASSY – 62W

6.6A GN169 – MR-16/90 Degree 62W Light Bulb Connector

#20934 LAMP-62W 6.6A RCL/TDZ

6.6A GN624 – MR-16/12″F 62W Connector Light Bulb

Genesis Lamp will continue to supply these lamps to our customers!

Call or order airport light bulbs online. 800-685-5267